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Colt Preceda Shingles and Shakes

Colt Preceda Shingles and ShakesColt Preceda shingles and shakes are high quality preservative treated roof and wall tiles made from Canadian Western Red Cedar sold in the UK since 1926. They are renowned for their beauty and insulation value, produced by cutting blocks from the log to the required length. Shingles are taper sawn to size, whilst shakes are split with the natural grain of the wood. Colt Preceda Shingles are the best quality shingles available in the UK. They are number 1 Grade Certigrade (Blue Label) and are 100% clear, 100% heartwood, and 100% edge grain.

Shingles can be used in all types of environments but specifically are popular for use on summerhouses, gazebos, or even for garden sheds. Shingles are also used in large-scale projects for all sorts of buildings because of the beautiful natural finish they create. Fixing shingles is easy, and more information on this is available right here. You are also able to purchase Colt Preceda shingles right here 24 hours a day.

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