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Spiral Staircase Guide

Spiral StaircaseSpiral staircases can form a unique feature in a house, which will not only look fantastic, but may also increase the amount of room you have available. They can be a superb replacement for a dull and uninteresting existing stairway. Spirals can be arranged in standard format to wind clockwise or anticlockwise to achieve the optimum access configuration. In made to measure form they can be constructed to meet your exact needs.

The Loft Shop provides an interesting range of spiral staircases, and have been supplying them throughout the UK for almost 20 years. Most are available in kit form and have FREE next day delivery. Spiral staircases are available with various options of steel, wood, zinc galvanized and many others. Loft Shops spiral staircases can also be seen at any one of 24 stores around the country, or alternatively can be viewed or even ordered right here at 24 hours a day! You can also call on 0870 604 0404, or fax 0870 603 9075 where we will be happy to provide you with more information.

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